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Smartphone Embedded In Prosthetic Limb

Smartphone Embedded In Prosthetic Limb

British man has smartphone embedded in his prosthetic limb…

A British man has become the world’s first person to have a smart phone embedded in his prosthetic limb.

Trevor Prideaux was born without his left forearm and has worn an artificial limb since he was three years old. Despite coping well with his disability, Prideaux, now 50, became feed up of balancing his smartphone on his prosthetic limb or on a flat surface, and decided to do something about it.

smartphone embedded in prosthetic limb

Smartphone Embedded In Prosthetic Limb

Image Credit: SWNS, Via the Telegraph, 2011.

He approached Apple, hoping to get an iPhone casing for testing however Cupertino declined his proposal. The idea went on the back burner until he visited his local Nokia shop for an upgrade. Nokia took on his idea, and with help from the Exeter Mobility Center in Devon, UK, the team carefully carved out a dock in Prideaux’s fiberglass and laminate limb, and embedded a Nokia C7 smartphone.

Now, Prideaux can easily press the buttons using his one hand and take calls by holding his prosthetic limb up to his ear.

Although the upgrade to his prosthetic is far from the cyborg concepts of science ficition, it does open plethora of options for the future of prosthetic limbs; think accelerometers and motions sensors used to track health and fitness; or extra storage for digital data or batteries; additional displays or speakers; the possibilities are endless.

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