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Paralyzed Bride Defies Doctors To Walk Down The Aisle

Paralyzed Bride Defies Doctors To Walk Down The Aisle

A young British woman who was paralyzed by Guillain-Barre syndrome defies doctors to walk down the aisle…

A young British woman left paralyzed after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, has defied all the odds to walk unaided down the aisle on her wedding day.

Victoria Royle, 29, had been experiencing symptoms of numbness in her arms and legs for around 48 hours before she went to hospital. Upon arrival she was immediately transferred to intensive care where her condition quickly deteriorated.

Guillain-Barre syndrome simulates a nerve cell, causing the body to attack its own nervous system. In most case the symptoms can be nothing more than pins and needles, but more severe cases it can lead to paralysis and even death.

paralyzed bride defies odds walks down asile Paralyzed Bride Defies Doctors To Walk Down The Aisle

Victoria Royle Defies The Odds To Walk Down The Aisle

Image Credit: Carter News Via the Daily Mail UK, 2011.

Royle unable to move, swallow, or breathe unassisted, battled the condition for eight weeks before making a miraculous recovery. Doctors allowed her to go home, but warned that she may never come out of her wheel chair ever again.

Although Royle had only been with her boyfriend, Nick, 27, a professional rugby player, for a month when she was struck down by the condition, he stuck by her providing care 24/7. It was her boyfriend’s proposal that gave Royle the determination to walk again. She said:

“Being stuck in a chair for the rest of my life wasn’t an option for me…

“When Nick later proposed, I was determined to walk down the aisle without a zimmer frame.” [Daily Mail.]

Royle endured months of intense physiotherapy but it finally paid off; she eventually took her first steps with a walking stick, and later managed to walk unaided.

But the miraculous story doesn’t end there. Left struggling with bills after taking so much time from work, the couple applied to go on the BBC3′s Don’t Tell The Bride reality show – where the groom is given a £12,000 budget and put in charge of organizing the big day. Unbelievably, they were selected, and the wedding turned out to be the dream day she had always hoped for.

“My wedding day was perfect – it was so emotional walking down the aisle, when two years earlier, I didn’t know if I’d ever walk again…

“Nick has been my rock and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have him and my health.” [Daily Mail.]

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  1. ‘You’ll be in a wheelchair for life’: Bride left paralysed by rare nerve condition defies doctors to walk down the aisle. Daily Mail UK, 22/11/2011.

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