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New Condoms Come In 95 Different Sizes

New Condoms Come In 95 Different Sizes

Condom company launches custom condom in 95 different sizes…

A British condom manufacturer has launched a new line of condoms to accommodate all men, no matter what their size.

The revolutionary new custom fit condoms come in 95 different sizes, and are already available throughout Europe.

According to manufacturers, TheyFit, the custom fit condom were designed “because a better fit means better sex.” Medically, however they also help to prevent the transmition of STDs and of course, reduce unwanted pregnancies.

theyfit custom condoms 1 New Condoms Come In 95 Different Sizes

TheyFit Custom Condoms

To ensure the correct fit, a FitKit measuring chart has been made available online, as well as in numerous newspapers and magazine in Europe. Using the measure system, men select their measurements from one of 12 different widths and 14 different lengths.

Once ordered the condoms are shipped anonymously, with no sign what’s inside the package or who sent it. There’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you’re not completely happy with the purchase.

Unfortunately, the new condoms will need receive FDA approval before being sold on the American market, no word on when that will happen, but TheyFit CEO Joe Nelson, says they are working hard to get the go ahead.


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