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Thailands New Drink The Siam Sunray

Thailands New Drink The Siam Sunray

Thailand Promotes New National Drink To Increase Tourism…

As part of the government effort to increase tourism in Thailand, the country has put a new cocktail on the menu which is set to rival other drinks associated with countries and regions.

The Siam Sunray hopes to become synonymous with Thailand as are Mojitos from Cuba, Manhattans from New York and Singapore Slings from The Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

Thailands Invent New Cocktail - The Siam Sunray

Along with the name, intended to bring awareness to the regions ancient name, the tourism authority (TAT) have dubbed the drink:

“Thailand in a glass: the new punch in Thai tourism.”

TAT hopes the Siam Sunray will help raise the profile of the country after political demonstrations closed the airport last November leaving around 300,000 travelers stranded.

The Siam Sunray is a vodka punch with typical Thai ingredients like coconut, chilli, lime, lemon grass, ginger and sugar.

To make the cocktail simply mix one shot of vodka, coconut liqueur, a dash of chilli, sugar and lime; add a few slivers of lemon grass and ginger; shake with ice and strain into a tall glass.

“Thailand’s new signature drink is based on very Thai ingredients,” said the tourism authority. “Successful signature drinks are one way to fast-track holiday destinations on to the world tourism map.”

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