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Hot New Ladyboy Pop Group From Thailand

Hot New Ladyboy Pop Group From Thailand

Ladyboy Venus Flytrap From Thailand Are Backed By Sony BMG Making Them The Second Ever Transgender Pop Group To Receive Major Label Support

In the wake of the long gone Spice Girls comes a new generation of Girl Power from Thailand! Hot, Cool, Posh, Naughty and Sweet are the sexy five dubbed Venus Fly Trap and they are here to break the social stigma associated with lady boys and sexual replacement surgery.

Sony BMG signed the band, whose members are all lady boys, earlier last and hope to have the debut album out before the 15th Dec 2007. Their music is described as a mix of digital, European pop, techno-house and electro, most of the lyrics are in Thai however there will be at least one song on the album that is English.

The band was formed in a project by Sony BMG to create an all lady boy pop group, this will be only the second group in history to consist of lady boys and have major record label backing, the first being a Korean quartet named Lady. Venus Fly Trap hopes to break the boundaries of social prejudice and bring acknowledgment to their special gender.

In a recent interview Cool Venus Taya said,

We want people to see that we can do the same as any real woman can.

Most of Thailand’s lady boys earn money through the entertainment industry performing in beauty competitions or cabaret shows as singers or dancers. The band hopes to widen the opportunities available to lady boys, Gina who poses as Naughty Venus said,

There are a lot of lady boys that are not beautiful, but they have their own skills. It’s not up to the look but up to the talent.

Thailand has always been renowned for their indiscriminative views on lady boys. Bangkok has some of the best surgeries in the world providing high quality services. The band may stand for Lady Boy Power but whether they are aware or not, they will certainly also represent the high quality of surgery in Thailand.

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