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Miss Tiffany Universe 2009

Miss Tiffany Universe 2009

The Ladyboy beauty competitions of Thailand….

Thailand is a country renowned for it’s transgender population. Home to many of the worlds best sexual reassignment surgeons, Thailand has an open and accepting culture towards those confused about their sexuality, and while many Thais may look upon ladyboys (Kathoey’s in Thai) as social misfits, they are accepted, loved, and even adored.

miss tiffany ladyboy finalists

Most kathoeys integrate into society and easily fund work outside of the country’s red light district. Many kathoeys can be found working in salons, restaurants, clothing shops, and travel agencies.

But a dream oft-held by the most beautiful ladyboys, is to win the crown in the countries most prestigious ladyboy beauty pageant, Miss Tiffany Universe held ever year in May, just outside of tourist beach-town, Pattaya.


In a nation obsessed with beauty pageants and famous for its sexual tolerance, this elaborate contest is taken every bit as seriously as the more traditional competitions.

This year Sorrawee Natte took the Miss Tiffany crown. For her looks and intelligent answers, Sorrawee received a small Honda car, and 100,000 baht ($AU3800).


“I’m very excited,” the willowy 20-year-old from Thailand’s southern Songkhla province said, touching the glimmering winner’s crown with disbelieving fingers.

But for those who don’t make it to the Miss Tiffany contest there are many other chances to flaunt their beauty. Below is a gallery of photos from other ladyboy beauty pageants held this year:

Miss Ladyboy of Songkran 2009

Miss G – Star Beauty Contest 2009


Miss 108


Miss Mandalay Chiangmai International 2009


Miss Lady Lady 2009


Miss Angel Queen 2009


Miss Queen Of Tawan 2009


Miss Mandalay 2009


Lip Zing Singing Contest


Miss Samila International Princess 2009


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