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Hornet Larvae A Thai Delicacy


Strange Thai Food You Should Try While Visiting Thailand

Thailand is country well known for its delicious oriental dishes. Prepared with a genuine love for food and available from as little as a dollar-per-dish, there are endless amounts of tantalizing foods around every corner, just waiting for you to try.

Nearly every populated street in Thailand is laced with street stalls and air-conditioned restaurants, which between them serve a wide range of foods. But nestled in amongst the every-day affair maze of vendors, stands the odd stall which catches everyone travelers’ attention.

hornet larvae4 Hornet Larvae A Thai Delicacy

Insects are delicacy in Thailand and can be bought in most tourist areas, most stalls have a mixture of fried locusts, scorpions and bamboo worms, but every once in a while you come across something even more alien-like – hornet larvae.

This is the larvae of the Polistes Sagittarius, a species of hornet that can be found in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Displayed in the nest, these larvae are used for cooking curries and other exotic delights.

Hornet larvae are considered quite a delicacy in Thailand, as the risk involved catching them proves – these hornets are aggressive and aim for the head when they bite!


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