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Sa Dingding Newest Star from China


Sa Dingding is China’s newest musical export….

Sa Dingding is China’s newest multicultural musical export. Far from but unakin to the world of Asian pop, Sa Dingding’s versitle musical talent and diverse Asian background is expressed beautifully through her new image of east meets west.

sa dingding 1 Sa Dingding Newest Star from China

The 25-year-old singer, producer and designer known as Sa Dingding, spent her early childhood years roaming the grasslands of Mongolia with her family.

Born to a Mongolian mother and Chinese father, she moved to Beijing when she was six, but still owes some of her influence to these early childhood days..

“Asian culture is full of wisdom, beauty and tradition. Unfortunately, we are in danger of losing that because we are developing so quickly. You should never try to escape what you were as a child. Childhood memories stay with you forever, in your heart. They influence everything you do, everything you are.”

Her music crosses many genres from traditional Asian with Mongolian, Tibetan and Chinese influences, to modern-day pop, ambient sounds, and electronic beats that are all carefully blended with cutting-edge production.

Her western influences include Jay Z and Nine Inch Nails, and she has worked with artists such as Massive Attack, Deep Forest and and famed DJ, Paul Oakenfold.

Sa Dingding plays several instruments including the Zheng (a Chinese zither with 25 strings), Chinese drum, Chinese gong and horse-head fiddle (a bow-stringed instrument with a scroll carved like a horse’s head).

And apart from singing and composing songs in several languages, Sa Dingding also choreographing her shows and designing her costumes.

“I don’t want to go onstage in a T-shirt. I think my music deserves better, so I make an effort to design costumes that match my music. If people come and see you perform, they will automatically compare you to other artists. You need to let your style tell your story as much as your music does.”

sa dingding 2 Sa Dingding Newest Star from China

Commenting on a UK gig held at the Royal Hall, Harrogate, last July, where she enlisted the help of traditional dancers and kung-fu monks, Sa Dingding said:

“I like everything I do to be spectacular. I like everything I do to be art. When a person listens to a CD they connect with an artist in a particular way. It’s one-sided. I don’t think that’s enough to get your message across. It’s only when people see me perform, see the visual and the musical elements combined, that they understand the real Sa Dingding.”

Her debut album, Alive, tries to capture this image in the best possible way.

Sa Dingding originally rose to fame as teen pop idol, Zhou Peng, but after a few years flaunting her entertainment talents, she realized she wanted more:

“I was just a singer then, not a producer. In a short time I became a star and earned quite a bit of money. After three years, however, I wanted to create and produce my own music; to design something special that allowed me to express myself fully…

“I see Western music as masculine. It’s straightforward and immediate. The Eastern side is a lot more feminine and introspective. It takes longer to understand – it’s a little more complex…

“I think that balance of the male and female makes my music special. It has an immediacy, but it’s different with each listen. People are drawn in by the sounds they know from Western music. It’s easier for them to understand. But when they listen for longer, it is the Eastern side that connects.”

Backed by global music masterminds, Universal, Sa Dingding’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, she recently won the Asia/Pacific BBC Radio 3 world music award.

sa dingding chinese music star Sa Dingding Newest Star from China


* (2001.xx.xx) Dong Ba La(咚巴啦)
* (2007.08.28) Alive (万物生) – Wrasse Records
* (2008.07.30) Qin Shang (琴伤) – Wrasse Records


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