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Male Diaper Siphons Away Urine

Male Diaper Siphons Away Urine

A new male diaper can siphon away urine until it’s dry…

A new male diaper that siphons away urine until it’s almost completely dry has been unveiled at the Eco-Products 2011 trade show in Tokyo, 15-17th December.

The Robo-Humany Urine Aspiration diaper has pocket for the penis, an electronic urine sensor, and a suction tube, which is attached to bedside collection tank.

As one would imagine, when the electric sensor detects urine, the suction tube begins to work. The system is powerful enough to siphon off most of the liquid, leaving no more than 0.5 cc (0.01 ounces) remaining in the pad.

male diaper siphons away urine

Robo-Humany Aspiration Diaper

Compared with regular adult diapers, the Robo-Humany pad is 10 times lighter after use, the company claims.

Designed to reduce frequency of toilet trips, the Robo-Humany pad will not only make life easier for patients who have difficulty moving, it will also help relieve some of the nurse’s workload so they can attend to more patients.

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