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Rhinoplasty Without The Surgery

Rhinoplasty Without The Surgery

The cheapest rhinoplasty in the world…

The Japanese are known for their high-tech approach to almost everything, but this latest cosmetic enhancement gadget strips the surgical technology for simple vibrating alternative – enter the Beauty Lift High Nose tool.

Manufactured by Japanese company Omni, the device claims to raise the bridge of the nose using vibrations that slowly stimulate the cartilage into a more upright position. The company claims that by wearing the device for just 3 hours a day, you can achieve a ‘higher’ nose without opting for surgery.

The device runs on a CR2032 battery and is currently on sale over at Amazon Japan for 7,980 Yen ($95), or at the Japanese Trend Shop for $140 for US customers.

beauty lift high nose tool omni japan

Beauty Lift High Nose Tool

beauty lift high nose tool 1

Omni Beauty Lift High Nose Tool

beauty lift high nose tool instructions

Beauty Lift High Nose Japanese Instructions

While the Beauty Lift High Nose may temporarily change the shape of your nose, the device will not produce the long lasting, aesthetically pleasing results achieved by choosing an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to carry out your procedure.

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