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Revlon Spot Light Tweezers

Revlon Spot Light Tweezers

Plucking unwanted hair just got the little bit easier…

Grooming the eyebrows is an art the most women (and some men) try to conquer, but sadly, too many fail in do so. Perhaps it’s down to an unsteady hand, or simply bad hand eye coordination either way Revlon is hoping its new tweezers, complete with a bright LED light, will help women in the quest to shape the perfect eyebrows, and men in their perilous journey to separate the unibrow.

For something rather niche, and a little chiq geek, a ridiculous price tag wouldn’t be a complete shock, however Revlon have chosen to keep it rather cheap and cheerful at just 10 dollars.

As you’d expect from a quality company, and the price, the tweezers themselves are durable and lightweight. They also feature ‘perfectly aligned slanted tips for high precision tweezing’, and ‘perfect tension for superior control’.

revlon spot light tweezers 550x309 Revlon Spot Light Tweezers

Revlon Spot Light Tweezers

Although a light might not teach the worst make up artist perfect the best looking eyebrows, they will certainly come in handy in dimly lit areas.

The topic of grooming eyebrows does bring to mind a rather funny joke:

“That’s right ladies, God gave you eyebrows. So you go shave them off and draw them back on with a lump of coal.” [Frankie Boyle]

A quick disclaimer! If you do chose to search this particular Scottish comedian I just quoted, watch with caution he’s known for rather offensive comedy.

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