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Best Way To Remove Sweat Stains

Best Way To Remove Sweat Stains

How to use meat tenderizer to remove sweat stains…

White clothing and bed sheets are prone to gathering sweat stains over time. Even a hot wash with strong stain remover is sometimes not enough to prevent the buildup of yellowy marks around the neckline and armpits.

Thankfully there is a simple trick you can use at home to wash out the toughest sweat stains from your favorite clothes and bed sheets.

remove sweat stains Best Way To Remove Sweat Stains

Easy Trick To Remove Sweat Stains

Image Credit: Tikva Morowati, 2006.

  • First moisten the stain with warm water
  • Then sprinkle the stained area with meat tenderizer
  • (Be sure to use an unseasoned variety as the colored spices can actually cause stains)
  • Work the meat tenderizer into the dampened stain
  • (Look for a meat tenderizer, which contains enzymes such as bromelain, which help breakdown stains)
  • Wash the item as normal

Note: Meat tenderizer can irate the skin and trigger allergies, so be sure to check with your doctors if you’re prone to sensitive skin or have had problems with any other skin condition.


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