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Nike Trainers For Prosthetic Blades

Nike Trainers For Prosthetic Blades

Nike designs trainers for prosthetic blades…

Most prosthetic limbs are designed to resemble human legs with lifelike feet, but the prosthetic blades typically used by athletes are so uniquely shaped that fitting a shoe is impossible, so Nike designed a new one.

The shoe, called the Sole, resembles a sandal and is held in place with a clip and a material called Aeroply, which allows the sole to grip the carbon fiber of Össur’s Flex-Run prosthetic blades.

nike sole shoe for prosthetic blade

Nike Sole For Prosthetic Blades

Inspired by recording breaking athlete Sarah Reinertsen, the Nike Sole is not only designed to make running with prosthetic limbs more comfortable, it will also help improve performance thanks to the extra grip, as well as a ‘more aggressive’ C-shaped design which ‘improves forward energy return for more efficient gait progression.’

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