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New Contact Lenses Correct Myopia Whilst You Sleep

New Contact Lenses Correct Myopia Whilst You Sleep

Having near-perfect vision is now as simple as going to sleep with your contacts on…

A Spanish optometrist has designed a new contact lens that reshapes the cornea to provide near perfect vision without the need for surgery.

Jaume Paune, a Master’s Degree graduate in the field of Optometry and Vision Sciences at the UPC-Barcelona Tech’s College of Optics and Optometry, designed the lenses to achieve the same results as corneal reshaping surgery.

Thanks to the breakthrough lenses, vision defects such as myopia (nearsightedness), stigmatism and hyperopia (farsightedness) can now be cured without surgery.

Reshaping corneas typically requires surgery for a permanent fix, however Paune’s patented contacts don’t aim to reshape the corneas forever, instead they are designed to temporarily reshape them each night whilst the patient sleeps.

During the night the contacts gently apply pressure to the tear film that coats the cornea. The pressure only reshapes the corneas by half the width of a human hair, however this subtle change is sufficient to give the patient a full day’s worth of perfect vision from the moment they wake up and remove the contacts.

contacts correrct vision while you sleep 300x200 New Contact Lenses Correct Myopia Whilst You Sleep

New Contacts Correct Vision While You Sleep

Paune’s system involves custom designing a pair of rigid, gas-permeable contact lenses, for each patient based on his or her particular deformities, a process known as orthokeratology or ortho-k.

The contacts were developed as part of Paune’s Master’s Degree thesis, but were quickly picked up and marketed by Atenas Vision, the distributor for Spain and Portugal, and the French laboratory Precilens, which manufactures the lenses under the name PauneLens.

The cost of the system is still relatively high, $1,350 up front to custom-design the lenses, plus another $550 or so each year thereafter to replace them. But the risks are extremely minimal when compared with surgery.

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