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More Men Opting For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

More Men Opting For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for men is becoming more popular…

Recent figures released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that male cosmetic surgery is on the rise. In 2010, approximately 1.1 million American men underwent some kind of surgery, up 2% from the previous year. Facelift, ear surgery, Botox, liposuction, breast reduction, eyelid surgery and laser hair removal were amongst the fastest growing cosmetic procedure for men, with nose reshaping and eyelid surgery being the most popular.

Experts suggest several reasons for the increase in male cosmetic procedures, with male vanity and the need to look youthful in a competitive society thought to be the major influences spurring on more men to go under the knife.

male cosmetic surgery on the rise 550x263 More Men Opting For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Male Cosmetic Sugery Becoming More Popular

Masoud Mojarradi is one of these men, however he wasn’t encouraged by his wife, but instead it was his daughter that gave him the nudge.

In spring 2010 Mojarradi visited Dr. Ramtin Kassir for a consultation and sooner after received hair transplants and Botox fillers in his forehead. Talking with Fox News he said:

“I look much younger, and everyone likes to be young,” Mojarradi says. “My family is happy with that. When I go to school to pick up my kids, they feel better. When I am out with my family, they feel more comfortable and confident.” [Fox News]

Mojarradi has spent $8,000 on cosmetic surgery in the past year and plans to continue his $500 a time Botox sessions every three months.

Kassir says that Majarradi is far from alone, since 1997 he’s seen a 10% increase – from 8 to 18% – in the numbers of male patients visiting his clinic.

According to Kassir, one of the big attractions when it comes to cosmetic surgery is that many of the procedures require little downtime. Patients undergoing noninvasive surgeries such as Botox, inject-able fillers and laser skin tightening can leave the clinic the same day, and advancements in medical technologies have also reduced the recovery periods of many minimally invasive and invasive procedures.

Adam Hanft, founder of Hanft Projects attributes rise in male cosmetic surgery to society’s growing acceptance of appearance enhancing surgical procedures. He says that because women have been talking about it openly for decades, it’s only natural that men also want to look younger, especially in this competitive economy where looks and health can often be deal breakers.

The Fastest-Growing Male Cosmetic Procedures 2009-2010

Top Five Male Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in the US

  • 1. Nose Reshaping (64,000 cases)
  • 2. Eyelid Surgery (31,000 cases)
  • 3. Liposuction (24,000 cases)
  • 4. Breast Reduction in Men (18,000 cases)
  • 5. Hair Transplantation (13,000 cases)

Top Five Male Cosmetic Minimally-Invasive Procedures in the US

  • 1. Botox (337,000 cases)
  • 2. Laser Hair Removal (165,000 cases)
  • 3. Microdermabrasion (158,000 cases)
  • 4. Chemical Peel (90,000 cases)
  • 5. Soft Tissue Fillers (78,000 cases)


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