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Miss Plastic Surgery

Miss Plastic Surgery

Miss Plastic Hungary beauty pageant…

Last October 9th, in Budapest, Hungary, beauty pageant contests took to the stage, not to show off their natural beauty, but rather show off their unnatural beauty.

The Miss Plastic Hungary beauty pageant is said to be the world’s first ‘plastic beauty contest’, a contest in which judges were not only looking for flawless surgical enhancements, but also ‘a perfect harmony of body and soul.’

miss plastic hungary winner and runner up Miss Plastic Surgery

Miss Plastic Hungary Winner and Runners Up

Photographer Marton Szipal, one of the pageant judges said:

“I think this competition is long overdue. Hungarians used to laugh about plastic surgery but it’s time for Hungarian women to care more about their appearance. They are the most beautiful in Europe.”

Contestants were required to be over the age of 18 and prove they had undergone surgical cosmetic procedures, Botox or collagen injections did not count. There was also a special category for women over 30.

The candidates included a former rhythmic gymnast, a firefighter married to a police officer, a mother of three and several strippers.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Tamas Rozsos said the pageant also meant to show that cosmetic corrections did not necessarily have to be about oversized breasts, bulbous lips and skin stretched to near tearing point:

“This about restoring harmony … eliminating asymmetries and giving women the opportunity to have normal features. Plastic surgery has a bad reputation in Hungary but it’s mostly due to the exaggerations.”

On the night most contestants showed off augmented breast and nose reshaping surgeries. One of the finalists also showed off her surgically adjusted toes.

miss plastic hungary rika urban Miss Plastic Surgery

Miss Plastic Hungary Rika Urban

Pageant queen Reka Urban, a 22-year-old hostess, won an apartment in Budapest, first runner-up Edina Kulcsar was given a new car and second runner-up Alexandra Horvath took home diamond jewelry worth 2 million forints ($10,800). The winners’ plastic surgeons also received awards.

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