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MiraDry Procedure Eliminates Underarm Sweat

MiraDry Procedure Eliminates Underarm Sweat

A new procedure known as MiraDry eliminates sweat glands for dry, smell free underarms…

During the heat of the summer months sweaty underarms plague many people. But for some excessive underarm perspiration can be an all year round problem. While Botox has been approved as treatment to help reduce underarm sweating for some time now, a new technique which promises to alleviate underarm sweat altogether has been approved by the FDA.

The MiraDry procedure uses electromagnetic energy to heat up and destroy sweat glands. The procedure is completely non invasive so no incisions are involved, it can be performed in an outpatients ward, or doctors office, and the results are said to be immediate and long lasting, according to the company.

miradry excessive underarm perspiration

MiraDry Eliminates Excessive Perspiration

Image Credit: MiraDry, 2012.

The new treatment is performed after a local anesthetic is administered, the device then uses a suction cup to stabilize the skin and bring the sweat glands closer for treatment. This also helps to protect the deeper tissues.

Focused electromagnetic energy is then blasted at the glands, while a cooling system helps keep the heat at safe levels. And since sweat glands do not grow back, the results are permanent and extremely effective.

Since sweat glands help the body cool, its not mentioned whether this type of technique might increase perspiration from other parts of the body. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to be said about not having dripping wet underarms, and stinky shirts.

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