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Lopburi Monkey Festival

Lopburi Monkey Festival

Pay respects to the monkeys of Lop-Buri at the Lop-Buri Monkey Festival…

In the last week of November thousands of visitors flock to the town of Lop-Buri, Thailand, to watch and take part in the annual Monkey Festival.

Lopburi Monkey Festival 2

During the festival, locals lay out a lavish spread that the town’s 2,000 macaque residents are freely allowed to feast for the weekend.

Lopburi Monkey Festival 3

The monkeys have become one of the towns major tourist attractions and the locals repay the monkeys by hold the annual banquet in their honor. Some also believe that providing food for the monkeys brings good fortune and prosperity to the people.

Lopburi Monkey Festival 4

Generally localized to temple of Pra Prang Sam Yot, the monkeys are free to roam wherever they please. The temple does however have bars around certain areas to allow for a monkey-free experience.

Lopburi Monkey Festival 5

During the festival, around twenty of the best Thai cooks in the country gather and prepare a banquet, consisting of two tons of sausages, fresh fruit, fruit, vegetables, ice cream, jam and milk. The banquet is then left out over the weekend for the monkeys to feast upon.

Lopburi Monkey Festival 6

The annual festival takes place on the last weekend in November. The festival is centered around the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple. Entrance is 30 baht and you will be given a stick to fend of inquisitive monkeys.

Lopburi Monkey Festival 7

Festivities include a monkey ‘tea party’ where macaques tuck into a spread of fruit, eggs, cucumbers and bananas all prepared in their honor.

Lopburi Monkey Festival 8

Lopburi Monkey Festival 9

Lopburi Monkey Festival 10

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