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Jerry Hart Creative Email Marketing Newsletter Scam

Jerry Hart Creative Email Marketing Newsletter Scam

Jerry Hart Creative Email Marketing Scam Rip Off Report

On behalf of our partner 800HighTech, we would like to apologize to all of their customers who received their Email newsletter and were dissatisfied. We received many complaints and questions regarding it – and I was not what it was suppose to be. It was our first attempt at communicated with their customers via Email and 800HighTech wanted to do it professionally. They searched and we were referred to Jerry Hart – who from his website seemed like he was going to help achieve our goal and more, but he wasn’t. It was a shame it turned out the way it was – Okizoo was able to help them recover and helped establish their new Email newsletter program.

jerry hart online scam 550x239 Jerry Hart Creative Email Marketing Newsletter Scam

Jerry Hart Online Scam

Email Marketing Goal

Their goal of this project was first and foremost to let customers know that we are still here and better than ever. We have updated our database making it easier to use and more secure. The Email was intended to go to only military members who canceled and never bought a computer. We were not sure which Email style would work best so we decided to send it out in batches and monitor the progress. We were unhappy with the copy – I mean modified picture – of the “professional” Email Jerry Hart created, so we used one by our staff and another one from a web copy writer in the experiment. This meant 3 different styles of Emails went out to different groups of canceled orders by order date. We worked out the dates so there were an equal number of recipients from each order time period. In addition, the Email batches also created a buffer, so we were not swamped with calls since we were inviting customers to call – over 14,000 military customers would receive this offer.

jerry hart complaints 550x235 Jerry Hart Creative Email Marketing Newsletter Scam

Jerry Hart Complaints

Jerry Hart Problems

Problems occurred from the very beginning. Rich was eager to assist in the project to make sure it was as successful as possible. We know our customers very well, so this accompanied with a Email marketing “professional” seemed like a flawless plan. Unfortunately, we ended up dedicated much more time and effort than Jerry Hart. Although we are based in Thailand, we offered Jerry a toll-free number for him to call or called him back so he would incur no fees. The meetings were billed for several hundred dollars for his valuable information, which we felt wasn’t so valuable. One example is his “drip drip” method where you concentrate on a small selection of customers who did not respond or open the Email and you send them more until they do answer. Of course each drip would be an additional fee on-top of the more than 3,000 we were billed. The project was going to billed in milestones – but again this was more false promises. We were billed once which we paid promptly and then billed a few days later on our credit card which deviated from the plan. A foreshadow of what was to come…

Next lets look at the copy and layout that we were presented after paying the full amount and after 2 weeks of “best practice” meetings:
Jerry Hart Email Newsletter : $650
John Moreau Email Newsletter : $100
Okizoo Email Newsletter : Free

You Decide About Jerry Hart

Let us know which style you prefer. You need to view all of the links above before making a decision:

Jerry Hart’s Email layout had a number of errors:

  1. The message was completely wrong and gave a sense that their computer was recently ordered.
  2. The customizing data format was not check which affected the Title and Greeting.
  3. No tracking code was installed.
  4. Our company was misspelled at the bottom.
  5. The layout is not professional – no where near worth $650 – and displays incorrectly

Each of these Emails were sent out to an equal number of our customers. First thing that had to be done is import our customer database in to the Email sending program. Jerry Hart uses Listrak – which is a great online marketing software. We bought it through Jerry Hart so the account is in his name and we were billed through him. Unfortunately, can no longer use it – BUT – we could always repurchase an account.

jerry hart rip off 550x412 Jerry Hart Creative Email Marketing Newsletter Scam

Jerry Hart Rip Off Report

Jerry Hart Failure to Deliver

When it came for the moment of truth of sending out the Emails and monitoring the progress of the batches we encountered more problems. The batch system that we spent creating were not followed and a large mass of Emails were sent out but ONLY of Jerry Hart’s Email. This Email had errors and created numerous complaints. The complaints were understandable and an unnecessary confusion. Since most of the orders that were mentioned occurred over 3 years ago, customers worried that someone was making unauthorized transactions and/or were a victim of identity theft. This is a very serious issue for all citizens of the new digital world.

Furthermore it contained no tracking code that Rich even offered to put in for Jerry Hart. The tracking code is basically an extension that is added at the end of links that are database is able to track to purchases. For what ever reason, this simple addition was left off.

After numerous requests, Rich was given access to the Listrak account so that he could fix the problems in Jerry’s Email, add tracking codes, create the batches for the other layouts, generate copy, and finally send out the other Emails. All of which that Jerry promised to do verbally, but then later was denied as he stated, “It was not listed in the contract and required additional payment.”

Jerry Hart’s Failed Results

Finally, at the end of the ordeal the stats further supported our thoughts of Jerry Hart’s incompetence. A far greater amount of customer unsubscribed from our Email program with the first massive batch that Jerry Hart sent. Also, there were ZERO sales attributed to Jerry Hart’s Email. The number of complaints was far greater with Jerry’s Email. Complaints from the other Email were just statements or questions on why were were contacting them years after their initial request – which is a valid point but it provided a reminder of us and opportunity for them to be removed from our mailing list.

Mike wanted nothing more to do with Jerry Hart, but Rich thought that 800HighTech may be able to salvage some of the money and expenses occurred by receiving the final $650.00 dollar template that was promised and fortunately stated in the contract. We hoped that we would get a frame that we could modify and then end the relationship. Rich had sent countless Emails, layouts, pictures, sales message and etc. to help develop a successful layout.

jerry hart fraud Jerry Hart Creative Email Marketing Newsletter Scam

Jerry Hart Fraud Alert

Jerry Hart’s Final Failure

We would accept no more toll-free calls and wanted nothing except the newsletter that we had already paid for. We would not have to worry about copy or pictures since he proved drastically incompetent in the previous template. 2 more weeks passed and Jerry wrote to admit his mistakes and his desire to “prove himself with results.” A few more days passed and he submitted 2 layouts! This was a big step for Jerry Hart – but of course in the end our hopes were unmet. The 2 “professional” layouts were forwarded Email newsletters from other companies they were dated a few days prior to his recent submissions. We receive hundred of newsletters in our Spam folder from an array of companies. The 2 forwarded newsletters were pretty much unchanged from the original company with a few minor wording changes. If I were going to attempt something as blatant as this, I would have at least forwarded the best newsletter I could find in my Junk mail box. These were horrible and were nothing like what was promised!

Our final offer for a peaceful separation was for a refund for as much as possible. I am sure you can imagine how much we were offered. Yup ZERO! Which incidentally is the same number of times that Jerry Hart has contacted us afterwards. Although, by every means this project was a complete failure we always try to remain optimistic and take what we have gained and moved on. We learned that the “professionals” will not be able to help us and that it is best to leave it to ourselves. We know our customers the best and we have a much more invested interest in making sure our customers our pleased. We are in the process of constructing a new Email plan and improve communications with our customers.

jerry hart hart of green 550x335 Jerry Hart Creative Email Marketing Newsletter Scam

Jerry Hart Online Scam

On a final note I would like to recommend that if you have considered Jerry Hart or looking to do an Email or any sort of marketing campaign Jerry Hart is not your solution! If you do have a solution we are interested in learning about it. However, we will give you the same introduction we did to Jerry. We are more than fair and we pay based on results. We do not need to hear reasons or excuses. He have pay for services from various individuals, all of which who left benefiting. Most of the times our expectations have not been met and was was promised was not delivered. Jerry Hart had numerous examples in his portfolio and we are interested in hiring who ever created those as they were very convincing. The Internet is filled with various con-artist and false promises – it is very difficult to know what to trust and believe on the Internet and our next project will be billed upon completion.

Jerry Hart Fraud and Scam Definition

How can we say Jerry Hart is a Fraud or a Scam? Well here are the definitions of the terms and compare it to our problem with Jerry Hart. If you have had similar problems with him, report it to us so we can share and put an end to his online scams!

Why Jerry Hart is a Fraud?

A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury. Fraud is commonly understood as dishonesty calculated for advantage. A person who is dishonest may be called a fraud.

Why Jerry Hart is a Scam?

A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. (tr.v. scammed, scam·ming, scams) To defraud; swindle.

Jerry Hart scam update was posted as a result of Jerry Hart trying to suppress this story by having us remove photos of him since his newest online endeavor at He has never try to make amends after auto billing us or correct his problem. He has never tried to reach out or even explain himself. Jerry Hart in our opinion wants to just try to cover this up and move on. Act as if it never existed. He never delivered his promises or tried to correct this problem.

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