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Meals Served In Test Tubes – Clinic Restaurant Singapore

Meals Served In Test Tubes – Clinic Restaurant Singapore

Have you ever wanted to have meals served in test tubes or cocktails in syringes without a visit to the hospital? Then spend a night dinning or drinking at the Clinic Hospital Themed Restaurant in Singapore.

Did you ever enjoy the food during your hospital stay so much that you so longingly wish for just one more meal served by people in? If your hospital food was anything like mine then I can’t imagine the answer is yes, however a new restaurant in Singapore has taken this concept (of medical attire and design, not hospital food) in hope to create a rather original gimmick and certainly one-of-a-kind chow house.

Sex On A Drip Cocktail

The Clinic, as it is so aptly named, is the mad scientist rendition of a fetish restaurant. Created as a tribute to pop artist Damien Hirst, it features staff dressed as doctors and nurses serving colorful pills, syringes and even IV drips of cocktails like “Nitro-Sangria” and “Sex on a Drip” to customers. The theme is carried through out the restaurant with pill shaped rooms, surgical pan shaped plates, wheel-chairs for seats and Damien’s own artwork which is also medically inspired.

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