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Four-Year-Old Girl Joins Mensa With 159 IQ

Four-Year-Old Girl Joins Mensa With 159 IQ

Four-Year-Old British girl joins Mensa with an IQ of 159…

A four-year-old girl from Hampshire, England, has been accepted into Mensa after scoring 159 on her IQ test.

Heidi Hankins from Winchester, taught herself to read and count by the age of two. British Mensa chief executive John Stevenage praised the parents for noticing her exceptional abilities, saying they “correctly identified that she shows great potential”, adding that Mensa aims ” to provide a positive environment for younger members to develop.”

According to Mensa, the average adult IQ score is 100. Heidi’s’ score is just one point below Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Signs of gifted children include an unusual memory, reading at an early age, awareness of world events and an intolerance of other children, they also tend to ask questions all the time.

Surprisingly enough, Heidi is not the youngest person to have been accepted into the elite circle of logical thinkers. In 2009, two-year-old Oscar Wrigley became the youngest child to join Mensa with an IQ of 160.


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  1. Four-year-old Heidi Hankins joins Mensa with 159 IQ. BBC, 04/13/2012.

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