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Doctors Cure Baby Girl Of HIV

Doctors Cure Baby Girl Of HIV

Doctors successfully cure baby girl of H.I.V. infection…

After decades of research scientists have finally found success in the fight against HIV, after curing a baby girl of the infection.

The infant had tested positive on five separate occasions, but after the treatment and a year without antiretroviral medications, the baby is still free from the disease.

Shortly after birth from an HIV-positive mother, the baby was given an aggressive treatment regime, typically an uncommon practice.

It’s thought that this aggressive approach to treatment contributed to the annihilation of the virus by stopping it before it took take hold.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, it will be only the second well documented case in the world where a person has been completely cured of the virus – the first was Timothy Brown, a.k.a The Berlin patient, a middle-aged man with leukemia who received a bone-marrow transplant from a donor who was genetically resistant to H.I.V.

doctors cure hiv in baby girl

Mississippi Doctors Cure Baby Girl of H.I.V.

The mother arrived at the hospital in the fall of 2010 already in labor and gave birth prematurely. The woman had not sought medical advise during the pregnancy and did not know she had H.I.V. until a post pregnancy test showed she might be infected.

The baby, just 30 hours old, was then put on antiretroviral drugs to help fight the virus in its early stages. However, based on her experience treating H.I.V.-positive patients, Dr. Hannah B. Gay, an associate professor of pediatrics, decided to drop the two-drug approach applied as a prophylaxis, and administer a three-drug regime aimed directly at treatment.

The virus then began to decline rapidly until it was completely undetectable a month later. After 18 months free from the virus, the treatment was stopped.

When the mother returned 5 months later for a check up, Dr. Gay found the tests to be negative, even though she expected otherwise.

As with most scientific breakthroughs, some experts still remain skeptical about the results. Dr. Daniel R. Kuritzkes, chief of infectious diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, noted that it was uncertain if the child was indeed infected since the doctors began treatment before receiving test results.

However the Mississippi team says that five tests returned positive conclusions, and that its modified treatment shows a new effective method of treating the virus.

Furthers studies are now planned to see if similar aggressive treatment shows the same success. And should they do so, we may finally have a functional cure for H.I.V. infected babies, and this could indeed lead to further progress in the treatment of HIV and AIDS in adults.

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