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Diamond Gold and Crystal Contact Lenses

Diamond Gold and Crystal Contact Lenses

Diamond, gold and Swarovski encrusted contact lenses….

Colored and large eye contact lenses have managed to accessorize a part of the body that typically remains untouched. But for some designers, donning the eyes in larger than life colors is simply not enough; they’re looking to bring some of the ‘bling’ featured in top of the range designer glasses directly onto the eyeballs.

Earlier last year, Indian designer Anthony Mallier created the first contact lenses to feature Swarovski crystal. The lenses were designed as part of the Crystal Vision competition organized by DesignBoom and Swarovski.

sparkle contact lenses swarovski crystal 550x377 Diamond Gold and Crystal Contact Lenses

Sparkle Swarovski Crystal Contact Lenses

Image Credit: DesignBoom, 2010.

Taking the competition organizers quiet literally, Mallier created his Sparkle contact lenses which are embedded with a circle of Swarovski crystal around the edges of the lens.

The Sparkle contacts came in second place in the competition, but while Mallier didn’t net top place with his design, he did beat 4072 other entries from 92 countries.

But lavish contact designs do not stop there, clearly not satisfied with Swarovski crystal, Shekhar Eye Research, also based in India, decided to add real diamonds and gold to their precious contact lenses.

Created by Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan and Sanjay Shah, the standard design features 18 diamonds set on a gold plate, but the company are also offering customized patterns to suit customer’s wants.

diamond and gold contact lenses Diamond Gold and Crystal Contact Lenses

Diamond and Gold Encrusted Contact Lenses

The diamond and gold contacts will be limited to 3,996 pairs and will sell for $15,000.
Shekhar’s contact lenses are not just for show, the gold plate – which sits 6-9mm away from the eye – holds water that is said to give the eye a ‘soothing’ effect.

While I’m not sure how high the demand for diamond encrusted contact lenses really is, the charitable company is allocating all proceedings from the sales of the contacts to treat people suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome – a skin disease that typically arises from a reaction to sulfur-based drugs – free of cost.

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