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Cockroach Found In Woman’s Colon

Cockroach Found In Woman’s Colon

Cockroach found in woman’s colon during colonoscopy…

Here’s a story that’s sure to make your insides turn; Discover Mag’s NCBI ROLF is reporting that a woman who had been referred for a colonoscopy was shocked to find that her abdominal bloating was in fact caused by a cockroach lodged in her colon.

The 52-yaer-old woman was referred by her physician for a colorectal cancer screen. Doctors quickly diagnosed that the women was suffering from abdominal bloating, however upon screening prior to the operation doctors found a Blatella germanica, or German cockroach, inside her transverse colon. Thankfully the insect was successfully aspirated – removed by suction.

cockroach found in womans colon 550x420 Cockroach Found In Woman’s Colon

Cockroach Found In Woman’s Colon

The patient told reporters that she’d had an infestation of cockroaches at home and doctors hypothesized that she had ingested one by accident with her food.


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