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Bacteria Eliminating Water Bottle

Bacteria Eliminating Water Bottle

Purify water in 60 seconds with Camelbak’s All Clear water bottle…

There’s been a barrage of bacteria beating blog articles posted over the last week, and in fitting with the recent trend, here’s a technology that’s already available to utilize by the masses; Camelbak’s All Clear bacteria eliminating water bottle.

The water bottle works using an ultraviolet cap, which can purify water in 60 seconds. To produce the UVs rays the cap comes with a built in battery that can treat 80 cycles or 16 gallons with each charge. Simply fill the bottle, turn it on, and an LCD screen confirms when the process is complete.

camelback bacteria eliminating water bottle

All Clear Bacteria Eliminating Water Bottle

Since the device is marketed to treat unfiltered water from taps, streams and spigots, it might not be a good idea to fill up from dirty stagnant pools of water. However the All Clear certainly provides an affordable water purifying solution for those who like to roam the outdoors.

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