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New Pink Lighting Used To Deter Troublesome Youths

New Pink Lighting Used To Deter Troublesome Youths

Acne enhancing lighting used to deter youths…

A new pink lighting installation which enhances acne on teenagers faces could be installed in the Welsh city of Cardiff in hope to deter troublesome youths from loitering in front of shops and other public places.

Anti-social behavior had been on the rise throughout the UK. The area in question, the Fairwater district of Cardiff, has seen more the five arrests and 18 ASBOS (Anti-Social Behavior Order) issued between January and March.

Councilor and resident Neil McEnvoy said that, “People lives are being made a misery.”

The pink lighting is said to bring out the acne pimples – a skin condition that affects around 85% of teenagers. By enhance the youngsters less-than-prefect skin, residents of problem areas are hoping that the troublesome crowds will disperse and the associated problems cases to occur.

pink acne enhancing lighting deters youths New Pink Lighting Used To Deter Troublesome Youths

Acne Enhancing Lighting Deters Youths

The idea was raised at a recent Pact (Police and Communities Together) meeting, where residents in attendance learned how the technology has been successfully used elsewhere in the UK, namely by housing estate in Nottinghamshire and by police in Preston, Lancashire.

The Fairwater area has the focus of Pact meetings for over fours years. However, whilst the residents support the new installation, the local government authorities must first approve the extra funding required to lighting.

The South Wales Police said: “The local neighborhood policing team continues to work with partners and be proactive in preventing crime and anti social behavior in the Fairwater area.” [BBC]

The pink lighting is not the first device that has been used to help deter teenagers from loitering around public areas. A high pitch sonic acoustic device has been used at shopping centers and outside shop fronts in several cites in the UK. These short-range sonic devices emit high pitch sounds that only teenagers can hear. The technology is similar to those non-lethal long-range acoustic devices used aboard ships to fight off pirates, which blasts extremely uncomfortable frequencies over long ranges to ward off attackers.

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