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800Hosting Support Host Review

800Hosting Support Host Review

800Hosting Support Scam Report and Server Hosting Failure

By reviewing the services at 800Hosting and submitting our experiences online to hosting review websites, we were finally able to gain the attention of the owner of 800Hosting. Now they wanted to talk, but we did not. Instead they could talk to my lawyer. 1-800-Hosting added insult to injury by labeling our host review posts of the facts as a “smear campaign” and threatened to sue us.

As with our previous first 800Hosting Support Host Review post, we present this as our personal experience with 800Hosting and all the information provided is factual. We have E-mails, web histories from Google, and website analytics. I welcome any call or E-mail regarding this hosting review by a business owner with a web site who needs a host. 800hosting was unwilling to acknowledge their misrepresentations to me regarding their services and their catastrophic failure harmed my companies SIGNIFICANTLY. Amazingly, to me now is that when we investigated in January 2009 there were NO bad reviews on 800Hosting. We are changing that to make sure others avoid the host that what we did not.

As an aside since we have changed hosting companies we have had no down time, no loss of data, and improved performance by every measure.

Please read these interesting insights on how they handle it when their failure to perform causes their customers problems.

They accepted NO responsibility for our losses or their lack of technical expertise and failure to provide services we purchased.

First they claimed Texas law protects them from users seeking damages which did not seem right to me. However, they said a lot of things that were untrue.

  • We purchased expensive holiday ads and were already doing $10,000 per day from on just one of the 10 websites we had hosted at 800Hosting when they suffered a catastrophic failure which is still unexplained. People who went to our URL for 6 days went to a blank web site! What does that do to a customers first impression or to a customers confidence who wants to check the status of an order they just purchased?
  • We purchased managed hosting to avoid this very scenario.
  • We also purchased monitoring 24/7 BUT we discovered our web sites failure NOT 800Hosting. If they were providing monitoring how could this happen and they not know IMMEDIATELY?
  • We purchased 24/7 support but were blocked as a sender when trying to help resolve the issue and notify them of problems as yet unresolved that they claimed were.
  • We purchased daily back up BUT they lost all our images and much current customer data that was uploaded to our server. They had not backed it up and try to submit a story instead.

800hosting had done none of what they promised. We suffered huge losses as a result of their misrepresentation and subsequent catastrophic failure. This was their remedy:
They offered a free memory upgrade (retail value $10-$15) or a refund of our hosting fees.

Would you settle for that as an acceptable resolution to your small business server?

That seemed to be not nearly enough and we engaged a lawyer to sue or settle. They seemed so fearless regarding this legal action I suspected they were going out of business and agreed to settle for a small amount of money just to put this behind us, but also to make them act more responsibly in the future if they did stay in business.

To actually receive the settlement, conditions changed continuously we would have to sign a document saying that all our claims were exaggerated. We would also have to remove all the reviews we posted – which is impossible. Their proposed settlement agreement would have left us liable to legal actions from them in the future and we would not agree. We are a Nevada corporation and understand if we misrepresent, fail to deliver what we promise we can be sued for damages.

Therefore we are done looking to settle with 800Hosting. If their reputation means so little to them what lever do we have? We are updating our posts, will continue to do so and moving on.



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