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Worm Removed From Mans Right Eye

Worm Removed From Mans Right Eye

Doctors remove worm from inside of mans right eye…

Doctors in Mumbai, India, have removed a five-inch-long worm from a 75-year-old man’s right eye.

PK Krishnamurthy was suffering from irritation in his eye for sometime before he decided to see the doctor. The first visit resulted in a misdiagnosis, after which Krishnamurthy was prescribed medication, which of course did not work.

Upon returning to complain that his condition had worsened, Krishnamurthy’s doctors took a closer look at his eye and began conducting a series of tests.

It was only then did they discover the cause of Krishnamurthy’s problem – a 5-inch long worm living in his eye, behind the conjunctiva.

Fortunately minor eye surgery was all that was required to remove the worm, which surprisingly stayed alive for 30 mins after the operation.

Dr V Seetharaman, eye surgeon at Fortis Hospital in Mumbai told reporters:

‘Mr Krishnamurthy was lucky the worm was found in time. His symptoms have now disappeared but it appears he was lucky the worm traveled only as far as his eye…

‘If it had not been removed it could have entered the patient’s brain and caused major neurological problems.’

Nobody is quite sure how the worm entered Krishnamurthy’s eye, however it’s believed that it may have happened whilst he was gardening.


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