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ThaiMed Medical Tourism Blog

ThaiMed Medical Tourism Blog

ThaiMed Medical Tourism Blog Launched to Help Patients Plan Medical Tours to Bangkok Hospitals

Thai Plastic Surgeon Treating Medical Tourism Patient at a Bangkok HospitalTo welcome our newest websites and in an effort to continually expand our web presence; we have started a medical tourism blog. This is a work in progress, but we hope to soon have a dynamic and diverse portal for various information regarding medical procedures and treatments available in Thailand.

Our newest websites also includes an updated user friendly and security features to help our patients plan their medical tour to Thailand. We created 3 new websites dedicated to Bariatric Weightloss Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Sexual Reassignment Surgery. The URL to these websites are as follows:

What we offer best meets the needs of informed medical tourists. A patient’s comfort and safety (good medicine) dictate what we do, so we cannot always do everything a patient desires. Periodically we must decline service for certain procedures or patients. We only use accredited hospitals and board certified surgeons. We do not attempt to compete with local clinics on issue of price. However, we still do better for you on price than you can do on your own wherever you go. Nobody here can match us on the issue of comfort and safety. Finally, with us there are no surprises!

Thailand Medical Tourism Blog to Bangkok Hospitals by Board Certified Thai Surgeons and Doctors

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