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Tell Tale Traits Of Thai Lady Boys

Tell Tale Traits Of Thai Lady Boys

How to spot a lady boy in Thailand…

Thailand is country well known for its lady boy’s, and good-looking ones at that. Boasting some of the best Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) doctors in the world, many of the country lady boys look so much like women, that they regularly fool unsuspecting tourists.

After reading an article on about how David Barbeler was fooled by lady boys on several occasions – for which reason he offers a few tips on how to tell the difference between the ones that are, and the ones that aren’t – I thought I’d add my t’pence of advise on how to spot them.

There are the obvious features many people know to be aware of – height, large hands and feet, broad shoulders, a deep voice and Adams apple (bear in mind that the later two can be altered using cosmetic surgery).

But there is one major factor that many people over look when judging whether a lady is indeed a man or a woman, and that’s mannerisms.

Thai woman behave very differently from Thai lady boys, and for good reason. Not only does male to female surgery have huge implications mentally, the constant taking of female hormones plays havoc with emotions. This generally causes lady boys to be more flamboyant, extravagant, emotional, and aggressive.

thai ladyboys 300x400 Tell Tale Traits Of Thai Lady Boys

Thai Ladyboys and How to Spot Them.

Image Credit: zaphodsotherhead, 2006.

Another telling sign is the company they keep. In bar’s where there’s only one lady boy, it shouldn’t be difficult to differentiate their mannerisms from the other real women in the bar. But lady boys typically come in packs, where there’s one, there’s more, and that’s often a dead give away.

If you’ve met up with a group of women and some of them are obviously transgender, then there’s a good chance the others could be too. That’s not to say that real women do not socialize with lady boys, far from it, in fact many girls have lady boy friends. But it’s certainly something to consider if you find yourself in such a situation.

The article one piece of advice is that lady boys can not dance well because they still have the male gene, well I’ll dispute that with two arguments; we all know lots of men that can dance, and plus if the statement had any truth to it what so ever then actually, many of the lady boys have the extra X chromosome that makes them feminine, which essentially means they have the female gene, or at least a mix of both.

I’ve also seen plenty of Thai girls who can’t dance to save their life! So throw that notion out of the window and use other clues to help you decide.

Another major give away, which as with most things is not always gospel, lady boys are much more firm in the buttocks, stomach, arms and back than Thai women. Despite the typically slender figure of most Thai people, the women remain natural thin, soft and as a general rule, much less firm then lady boys. Of course, there’s many Thai women who work out and stay trim, but it is definitely something to keep you eye peeled for whilst in bar where there might be lady boys, and considering many of the bar girls don’t actually work out and are naturally thin, its usually much easier to spot the firmer muscular build of what was once a man.

And the final thing to look out for, overly large breasts. Lady boys tend to have implants much bigger than most Thai women, so that couple with a few other hints, is also be a tell tale sign that the lady you’re looking at, is in fact a man.

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