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Treat Cavities With Regenerating Teeth

Treat Cavities With Regenerating Teeth

Natural and pain-free treatment for damaged teeth…

The dentist’s drill is a tool that haunts the minds of many people both young and old, but if researchers from the University of Leeds’ School of Chemistry have their way, the whirling metal and hideous noise is soon to become a thing of the past.

The British team has developed a pain free method to help regenerate teeth which have been damaged by cavities. The hope is that a painless and drill free treatment for cavities could help reduce the number of patients who do not visit the dentist out of fear.

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Peptide-Based Fluid Helps Damaged Teeth Regenerate

Image Via, Giz Mag, 2011.

The method, which is based on the concept of how a tooth forms naturally, uses fiber-like peptide fluid known as P 11-4. When the peptide is applied to the damaged tooth, it seeps through the cavities and forms a gel matrix that attracts calcium. The matrix attracts enough calcium for the tooth to sufficiently regenerate back to its former state.

Lead researcher Professor Jennifer Kirkham, from the University of Leeds Dental Institute, said:

“This may sound too good to be true, but we are essentially helping acid-damaged teeth to regenerate themselves. It is a totally natural non-surgical repair process and is entirely pain-free too,” [Giz Mag]

The new technique has already been tested on a small group of adults. The team will soon begin trials on larger groups to further back their findings.

If all goes to plan, the researchers are confident that the technique could be available within 2-3 years. Good bye dental drills, hello painless treatment for damaged teeth.


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