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18 Year Old Australians Opting For Medical Tourism

18 Year Old Australians Opting For Medical Tourism

More young Australians traveling to South-East Asia for elective cosmetic surgery…

According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, more and more young Australians are traveling abroad to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures.

South-east Asia is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for patients seeking first class medical tourism, and when considering quality and cost of elective surgeries abroad, Thailand or Malaysia turn out to be many people’s first choice.

ambah young 550x309 18 Year Old Australians Opting For Medical Tourism

Ambah Young

Speaking out about her cosmetic surgery holiday, 18 year-old Ambah Young, said she had borrowed money from a friend to undergo a tummy-tuck, a boob-job and the ‘designer’ vagina procedure during a two week trip to Malaysia.

“After the birth of my daughter, my body never went back to the way it was before,”

“I’m having this surgery so that I can feel my age again,” she said.

Ms Young explained that exercise had not given her the results she was looking for, and hoped that surgery would make her feel better and more confident.

Louise Cogan, director of Melbourne-based travel agents Gorgeous Getaways, said that while most medical tourism patients were aged 30 – 60, she was aware that people as young as 18 were traveling abroad for cosmetic procedures. Mrs Cogan said.

“I’ve seen Ambah’s photos and she really is a very suitable candidate for surgery because she has an overhanging tummy…

“The only way she can actually improve is through surgery. She can’t diet, she can’t exercise because her skin is very saggy.”

However, Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery has raised concerns about the appropriateness of such procedures on someone so young along with the added risks of having them done overseas. Chief executive John Flynn said 18 was very young for somebody to consider those procedures:

“She’s probably quite vulnerable in many ways and I think the medical service owes her a duty of care to make sure that the procedures she’s planning to be done are appropriate and there’s a big question mark over that,”

Nevertheless, around 400 Australians travel to Malaysia through Gorgeous Getaways each year, with 80 per cent having two or more procedures done, and with the first class quality medical care and prices affordable enough to have multiple surgeries, it’s not really surprising. Mrs Cogan added:

“They’ll either have the combination of facelift and breast, or facelift and tummy tuck and almost everyone has a little bit of liposuction.”

Including flights and accommodation, cosmetic procedures cost can be about half what they did in Australia, she said.

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