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Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift

Benefits of a have a Y-Face Lift, a.k.a., the Liquid Facelift.

Many women mid 40s think about having face lift surgery, but some may feel the procedure is a little intensive, if not down right scary.

But developing a sagging jawline, fatter checks, a permanently tired appearance, which no blusher can mask,

But now, many surgeons such as, Yan Trokel, a leading New York Surgery, are ditching the traditional facelift surgery in favor of remodeling using temporary and reversible fillers.

According to Trokel, contrary to popular belief, as we do not grow more skin and gravity is not the cause saggy skin.

‘Instead, our facial skin gets thinner as collagen levels drop, the muscles atrophy and the bone diminishes. The resulting lack of volume is what makes skin look saggy. With the Y Lift, I can give you back your volume and even create a better looking facial structure than nature gave you.’

Talking with the UK’s Daily Mail, Leah Hardy said that, although she had seen plenty of infamous pillow faces, but when looking at pictures of women who had undergone a Y lift, she was literally amazed.

The before pics showed old tired looking women, but in the after shots the women had high check bones, sharp jawlines and an overall more attractive profile.

Hardy decided to undergo the procedure performed by Jules Nabet, a surgeon who Trokel is working with to bring the procedure to the UK.

The secret of the Y Lift is a specially designed instrument that is used to put hyaluronic acid (a substance that exists naturally in abundance in young skin) deep under the muscles of the face. Then Trokel uses his hands to sculpt the face, creating high, youthful eyebrow curves to lift and widen hooded eyes.

After local anesthetic, he makes four 1mm incisions, one in front of each ear and two along the jaw, and I don’t feel a thing. Which is not to say the whole procedure is entirely painless.

Hardy says the injection does feel a little weird, and hurts for a about a minute on each side. Then as the filler is molded into the place, you feel pressure on the jaw the feels like a toothache.

liquid facelift before and after 550x282 Liquid Facelift

Leah Hardy Before and After Liquid Facelift

Image Credit: Via, Daily Mail, 2013.

The effects of the liquid facelift can be seen immediately. Hardy says she walked out of the clinic feeling ‘euphoric’, with no pain, blood, bruises or stitches, and her hair completely covered the tiny cuts.

The different you can see in the picture is just one hour, although the produced does require a follow up visit to massage the slight swelling that occurs during the first night. Tenderness when exposed to force can remain for a few days, but the effects last for up to two years.

Hardy underwent the procedure in 2009 and since then, more and more surgeons have become experts in performing Y lifts. Factor in the minimally invasive technique, quick recovering times and reasonably long lasting effects, it’s not difficult to see why more women are opting for the rejuvenating procedure.

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