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Zinc May Be Most Effective Cure For The Common Cold

Zinc May Be Most Effective Cure For The Common Cold

Put away those cold and flu pills and reach for the zinc lozenges…

For a society that generally looks down on recreational drug taking, it surprises me that we still rely on opiates to sedate the symptoms of chronic pain, and even the common flu. But thanks to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews recent meta-analysis, researchers now believe it may be more effective to reach for the zinc lozenges to deal with your cold and flu symptoms instead of doping the brain with pain killers or flu remedies.

Zinc has long been used as an active ingredient in cough medicines, but medical community is still unsure of its true benefits and side effects. Some people may react badly to taking treatments that contain zinc, especially with those administered through the nose. Of course, if that happens to be the case experts advise the obvious, stop taking it.

study show zinc is effective treatment for cough and cold Zinc May Be Most Effective Cure For The Common Cold

Zinc An Effective Treatment For Cough And Cold

Image Credit: WebMD, 2009.

Nevertheless, the recent data extracted from the 15 reputable studies suggests that ingesting 13 milligrams of zinc every four hours helped to reduce the length of coughing and sneezing by up to 40 percent. Some patients were even able to cut down the length of time they spent coughing and sneezing from 7 days to just 3, and considering the modern day focus on productivity, being back on your feet in half the time it would usually take to recover has to be a bonus for any work driven person.


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