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Worlds Oldest Female Weightlifter

Worlds Oldest Female Weightlifter

75-year-old Ernestine Shepherd is the world’s oldest female weightlifter…

A person trainer, fitness instructor, weightlift and marathon runner, Ernestine Shepherd is the worlds oldest female body builder.

With a world record and 9 marathons under her belt, Ernie, now aged 75, has done all this in a short 4 years.

Worlds Oldest Female Weight Lifter

Worlds Oldest Female Weight Lifter

Ernestine first began her plight to become fit with her late sister, Mildred, or Velvet to her friends, over two decades ago. Velvet wanted to break records as a senior weightlifter. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to live out her dream, and her passing knocked Ernie off course and out of the gym.

After almost 20 years without exercise, Ernestine, then aged 71, was again inspired to start training to make her sisters dream come true.

Originally asked to present trophies, Ernie saw her light and decided the next time she would be stage as a competitor. Ernie entered her first competition after just 7 months of intense training, and by 73 she entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds oldest female weightlifter.

Ernie now trains and teaches everyday in hope to inspire others with the wisdom that it’s never too late to get fit, and that ‘if there ever was an anti-aging pill, it would be exercise.’

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