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Heaviest Man In The World Marries Bride

Heaviest Man In The World Marries Bride

Manuel Uribe, the World’s Fattest Man Alive Marries Girlfriend Of Two Years

It had been Manuel Uribe’s dream to walk the isle and stand at the altar on his wedding day. But love just couldn’t wait for the 48-stone record holder to shed his extra pounds.

The 43-year old, ranked the heaviest man by the Guinness Book of World Records, recently married is girlfriend of two years, Claudia Solis, from his reinforced bed.

manuel uribe worlds heaviest man gets married Heaviest Man In The World Marries Bride

Uribe tipped the scales at 1,230 pounds in 2006 earning him the world record title. Since then, he has shed over 550 pounds (250 kilograms) with the help of his newlywed bride, Claudia, 38.

‘I am proof that you can find love in any circumstances. It’s all a question of faith,’

Said Mr. Uribe.
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The ceremony took place with the help of two tow-trucks – one a spare – a police escort and ten burly men. Mr. Uribe was wheeled out of his mother’s house to the tow truck which took him to the
Club de Leones in Monterrey, North Mexico.

During the 10 mile drive to the wedding venue, Uribe waved happily to well-wishers and the many journalists and photographers that followed.

Upon arrival half an hour later, the bride was mobbed by more than 30 journalists and photographers. She said,

‘I’m not nervous. I’m just very happy. It’s a very special day for us. We are marrying because we are in love.’

bride claudia solis marries worlds heaviest man Heaviest Man In The World Marries Bride

Uribe’s bed – which he hasn’t left in six years – bed was decorated with a canopy, flowers and gold-trimmed bows. The bride wore a traditional white wedding dress and the groom donned a white collarless shirt with white sheets covering his lower body.

It took 20 minutes to lower the tow-truck’s ramp over the hall’s steps and rotate Uribe’s bed before pushing it through the venue’s large front doors.

After the wedding ceremony there was a huge banquet with three cakes. Mr. Uribe vowed not to eat any of the delicious treats on offer as he is still dieting in hope to regain the ability to walk.

The main dish was a chicken with vegetables. And with a hint of humor Uribe said,

‘It is a heavyweight wedding, but low in calories.’

Mr. Uribe met his future wife four years ago when Claudia, visited to tell him that her husband, a friend of his, had died due to complications from being morbidly obese.

They began to grow closer and started a romantic relationship that included sex, they say. When they finally decided to tie the knot, the wedding was arranged in less than a month with funds provided by the family, friends, politicians and other local sponsors.

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