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Worlds First All-Robotic Surgery

Worlds First All-Robotic Surgery

DaVinci and McSleepy robots perform world first…

The world’s first completely robotic surgery has been performed on a prostatectomy patient at the McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In the ground breaking procedure surgeons used two robots known as DaVinci and McSleepy, to successfully remove the patient’s prostate.

mcsleepy davinci mcgill university

McSleepy and DaVinci Robots – McGill University

DaVinci has an array of mechanical arms which can be operated by surgeons from a remote location. Using the ‘bot, surgeons can control their instruments more precisely than with human hands.

DaVinci was only just put to use earlier this year, however the anesthesia ‘bot McSleepy has been putting patients to sleep since 2008.

The operation marks the first time the two bots have collaborated.

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