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The World Fattest Man Loses 507 Pounds

The World Fattest Man Loses 507 Pounds

Guiness Book of World’s Records say the Worlds Fattest Man loses massive weight – he dropped 230 kilos (507 pounds)

The world’s fattest man – according to the Guinness Book of Records – recently told reporters that he lost 507 pounds (230 kilos) thanks to a strict diet and exercise plan set up by numerous doctors from around the globe.

The Worlds Fattest Man Loses 507 Pounds
Uribe suffers from morbid obesity, five year ago was at his heaviest weighing in at 1257 pounds (230 kilos), however last month he was proud to announce that he dropped nearly half of his body weight and does not intend to stop there.Doctors from the United States, Italy and Mexico set up a suitable four year diet program for Uribe which began two years ago. He is now well on his way to achieving his overall goal which is to slim down to 265 pounds (120 kilos) with the next two years.From his home – where he had once been bed-ridden – in Monterrey, Mexico, Uribe told reporters by telephone,

“I’m going to throw a big party”¦”¦.I’m getting out of my house and going for a walk” in Monterrey, where he lives in northern Mexico.

On March 9, Uribe will be lifted out of his house on his bed by a special crane and driven around on a flat-bed truck.

“I feel great,” he said. “The doctors say I’m healthier than ever.”

Many people have trouble getting good results from a suitable diet. Some diets can cause more harm than good, so be sure to consult your Doctor before you start.

For those who suffer from obesity and can not get results from exercise or dieting, there is also the option of surgery. Gastric Bypass Surgery is becoming more popular for treating obesity and with constant advances in technology, the procedure has become safer.

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