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Woman Sues Orthopedic Surgeon For Temp Tattoo

Woman Sues Orthopedic Surgeon For Temp Tattoo

After awaking from surgery, the patient found a temporary tattoo placed by the orthopedic surgeon after surgery for a Herniated Disc, which he says adds a smile on most patients face after orthopedic surgery.

orthopedic spine surgeon Woman Sues Orthopedic Surgeon For Temp Tattoo

In a law suit filled on the 15th of July, a Camden County woman accused her orthopedic surgeon of “rubbing a temporary tattoo of a red rose” on her stomach whilst she was under anesthesia.

Elizabeth Mateo, a clerical worker in her mid-30s, discovered the tattoo below her panty line the morning after undergoing surgery for a herniated disc. Gregg A Shivers, Mateo’s attorney said in a phone interview last month,

“She was extremely emotionally upset by it,”

Mateo is now seeks punitive and compensatory damaged from Steven Kirshner, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with offices in Marlton and Lumberton in Burlington county, who performed the surgery.

camden county court Woman Sues Orthopedic Surgeon For Temp Tattoo

Mateo declined to comment on the case however a statement released by the health system said the law suit does not criticize the operation’s quality and names only the surgeon who performed it. An excerpt from the statement read,

“The Mateo family has acknowledged that Virtua was in no way responsible for the incident.”

Kirshner does not deny placing the tattoo, in fact he admitted to leaving washable marks on several of his other patients to improve their spirits. In response to Mateo’s claims, Kirshner’s lawyer Robert Agre said that no one had complained before.

“What’s offensive about this complaint is that it suggests something he did was intended to be prurient, and nothing could be further from the truth,
“It was intended just to make the patient feel better; most of the patients are delighted by Dr. Kirshner’s sense of humor.”

Agre explained how Kirshner is “renowned as a jovial guy and regarded as a doctor who has terrific relations with his patients and with his staff.” He also added that the board had no record of past actions against Kirshner and that he has “never been accused of anything.”

“He [Kirshner] vigorously denies that any action of his was intended to offend the patient,
“[The marks] are like children’s tattoos. Kids put them on themselves and they wash right off.”

“Nevertheless,” said Art Caplan, chairman of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s Department of Medical Ethics, “you cannot do something like this even as a joke.”

“If it’s true, she’s got a case.”


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