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Video Clip Shows Nobody At Hospital Helped Dying Woman

Video Clip Shows Nobody At Hospital Helped Dying Woman

Hospital security video shows woman left to die on the floor

This tragic video obtained from the Kings County Hospital, shows a women dying on the floor of the psych ward whilst the people around her, including a security guard, simply ignore her.

It was over an hour before another patient finally got the attention of the hospital staff. By this time, the women, Esmin Green, a Jamaican native, had sadly passed away.

The tape also suggests hospital staff may have falsified medical charts in an effort to cover up the lack of care and treatment Green had been provided prior to her death. Executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, Donna Lieberman said,

“Thank God for the videotape because no one would have believed this could have happened…
“There’s a clear possibility of criminal wrongdoing with regard to record keeping, and that has to be investigated.”

This is not the first the hospital has been accused of malpractice. A federal law suit filled last year sparked an ongoing investigation into alleged neglect and abuse of the hospitals mental patients.

Green – who had originally been admitted for “agitation”- can be seen falling from her chair at 5:32 am. Two other patients were present in the room.

kings county hospital Video Clip Shows Nobody At Hospital Helped Dying Woman

A security guard strolls passed at 5:53 am and sees Green laying face down on the floor, the guard looks at her for around 20 seconds and then walks away.

At 6 am, Green can be seen trashing around on the floor, but her medical records state that she was “awake, up and about, went to the bathroom.”

At 6:08 Green stops moving, two minutes later a second guard rolls his chair into the camera’s view.
The guard never rises from his seat, but instead simply looks at Green and scoots away.

A female patient who can been walking in and out of the room eventually brings one of the clinics staff to check Green, and finally a crash cart is summoned.

The hospital records claim Green was “sitting quietly in [the] waiting room” at 6:20 am., although she was already dead. The two security guards who spotted Green, along with four other members of staff have been fired, however the cause of death is still under investigation.


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