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Woman Pregnant With 2 Babies Due On Different Dates

Woman Pregnant With 2 Babies Due On Different Dates

Utah woman pregnant with two babies expected on two different dates…

In an extremely rare case that is thought to have only affected 100 people throughout documented history, a Utah woman is pregnant with two babies that are not twins and are due on two different dates.

Angie Cromar, 34, has a rare medical condition known as didelphys – meaning she has two uteruses. The mother of two said that although she had been aware of her condition it had never been a problem during previous pregnancies because she only conceived in one uterus, but this time eggs in both uterus were fertilized.

Angie Cromar found out about her situation during a routine ultrasound scan, “Angie and I both had the look of surprise,” said Dr. Steve Terry, Cromar’s OB/GYN.

The ultrasound revealed that Comar was pregnant with two babies, five weeks and four days along in one uterus, and six weeks and one day in the other.

angie cromar Woman Pregnant With 2 Babies Due On Different Dates

Angie Cromar Pregnant With Two Babies Due On Different Dates

Doctors say the chances of this happening are one in 5 million. A labor and delivery nurse herself, Cromar said:

“I’m a little nervous, just because I know what can happen, but I’m really excited.”

Cromar is now 21 weeks along.

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