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WiTouch TENS Device For Back Pain

WiTouch TENS Device For Back Pain

WiTouch Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device eases back pain wirelessly…

Back pain is a condition that plagues many people and although some severe cases require intensive surgery or physiotherapy to aid recovery, others can find relief with the newly approved WiTouch devices – (which is not related to Nintendo’s Wii, in case you were wondering.)

Developed by a Tennese-based company called Hollywog, the WiTouch and WiTouch Pro, use a technology known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – a low voltage electric current – to block pain signals sent to the brain.

The WiTouch devices are not the first TENS devices on the market, however they are first to incorporate wireless controls. The remote control allows users to increase or decrease the strength of the electrical signal during their session.

witouch tens device relieves back pain

WiTouch TENS Device Relieves Back Pain

Image Credit: Hollywog, 2012.

Hollywog says that although the devices are small, they have a 20 percent higher intensity output and treat up to 2.5 times the area when compared with similar devices.

The WiTouch is cleared for over-the-counter use, and the larger WiTouch Pro is cleared for prescription use. The only noticeable difference between the two models is that the Pro version can be worn the upper back as well as the lower back, it also has controls on the device itself, which allows a professional to adjust the settings.

The device sticks to the skin using replaceable gel pads. The batteries provide enough juice for 150 30-minute sessions.

Although the WiTouch devices can only relive back pain and not actually cure it, being priced at $149 makes it a worthwhile tool for those coping with pain in the lower, and/or upper back.

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