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Why Exercise Is Good For The Brain

Why Exercise Is Good For The Brain

Exercise the body, exercise the brain…

Whilst its long been known that exercise is great for both a healthy body and mind, scientists have had a hard time proving it. But now a new study has shown that exercise increases the brains energy supply, which in turn leads to more efficient thinking.

Previous studies have shown how exercise can help boost learning and stave off dementia as well as other health conditions, however scientists had never been able to pinpoint why.

Lead researcher Mark Davis, a physiologist at the University of South Carolina, and his team say that the new findings explain why exercise seems to reduce age and disease related.

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Why Exercise Is Good For The Brain

This is because the brain seems to take advantage of the same energy delivery system as the muscles. When we exercise our muscles create small packets of energy known as mitochondria, and these mitochondria also affect the brain.

In tests on lab mice, the team found that running half an hour per day on a treadmill increased levels of mitochondria in the brain. This increased energy supply allows the brain to work faster and more efficiently.

Davis said:

“The evidence is accumulating rapidly that exercise keeps the brain younger,”

The study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.


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