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What Makes A Person Beautiful

What Makes A Person Beautiful

Recreating beauty with plastic surgery. How symmetry and certain characteristics determine how beautiful or handsome we look.

What is it that makes a face look beautiful? Scientists say its say it’s symmetry, combined with a few gender-specific traits.

The idea that symmetry is related to beauty is be no means recent. The ancient Greeks wrote of the “golden ratio” and how the ideal face would be two-thirds its length, while a nose would be no longer than the distance between the eyes. Although these proportions haven’t quite matched up with modern psychological and biological research, the Greeks were certainly on the right track even 2000 years ago.

What Makes People Beautiful

Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you only have to glance at some of the worlds marvelous man-made structures to get an idea of how much the eye appreciates symmetry. Think Ancient Temples of Greece, Siam and the Inca civilization; modern homes, skyscrapers, cars and appliances; all of which are extremely symmetrical.

Research has shown that babies spend more time staring at pictures of symmetric individuals than they do at photos of asymmetric ones and in the wild, for example, female swallows prefer males with longer and more symmetric tails and female zebra finches will mate with males that have more symmetry in their colored leg bands.

Based on this research, scientists now believe and that symmetric individuals have a higher mate-value and that this symmetry is also equated with a strong immune system.

Gender specific traits also determine how beautiful one’s face is. Most female traits can be associated with youth/adolescence, these include:

Women – Full Lips, slim face, full lips, high check bones, narrow nose, tanned skin.

What Makes Women BeautifulWhat Makes Women Beautiful

Men – Narrow face, square jaw, full lips, tanned skin. (But during menstruation, females prefer a soft-featured male to a masculine one)

What Makes Men HandsomeWhat Makes Men Handsome

A persons figure also relates to their overall appearance. As mentioned in one of our previous posts, Waist to Hip Ratio can be used to measure one’s figure, in general men prefer women with a lower WHR , 0.7 is suggested to be perfect ratio. On a more personal level, one’s manor and personality can greatly affect whether they will be perceived as good looking, beautiful or unattractive. Personal similarities may also attract certain people to each other, however this is not always true, we all know opposites attract.

As the modern world adapts to new developments and embraces the research and results provided, many areas of technology are able to advance rapidly. And thanks to these types of research into beauty and symmetry, plastic surgeons have been able to develop guidelines and techniques for creating the perfect facial features.

Some of the world’s renowned plastic surgeons have proposed methods which are still lightly based on the proportions of the divine ratio. By using a series of rectangles, triangles and decagons of different sizes, surgeons are able to achieve beauty by aligning features with more symmetrical accuracy.

For example, take a look at an increasingly popular procedure known as cheek augmentation or cheek bone surgery. To analyze the cheek bones, surgeons may use a simple technique which tells them how ideally shaped the cheek bones are.

By envisioning an imaginary vertical line, starting at the pupil of the eye running down the face, bisecting another horizontal line running from the nostril toward the ear, surgeons can map an outline of where the cheek bone should be.

Cheek Bone Alignment

If the cheek bone sits along this intersection your face may appear soft and feminine. If the bottom of your cheek bone sits a little below the intersection, your cheeks may appear relatively flat, angular and masculine.

Using these imaginary face mapping methods, as well as careful judgement and years of experience, qualified plastic surgeon are able to greatly enhance one’s appearance.

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