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What Makes a Woman Sexy

What Makes a Woman Sexy

Ideal beauty that plastic surgery tries to create with a normal physique. The perfect waist to hip ratio WHR.

With all the modern day pressures on looking good, it’s not surprising that most women judge themselves as being too big and are not content with their own figure.

What makes a Woman Sexy

The media dictates that all ‘sexy ‘women are slender and good looking, however a quick look back over our history tells us that this ideal was more recently adopted by society.

Many pre 20th century paintings portray women in a very different light when compared with the glamorous slim slender models of today.

Raffaels Three Graces Portrays Sexy Women Of That EraPaintings such as Raffael’s ‘Three Graces’ tell us that rich bodied women, graced with typical feminine curves, were at the time, considered to be the most attractive.

Research shows that in that past, being fat or over weight was a status symbol and a sign of wealth. Only the rich could afford to eat well while the poor remained slim from lack of food.

These days the food supply is more abundant and being fat has lost its sign of prosperity, however in some developing countries, this still remains true as the poor struggle to eat.

With all social influences aside, researchers say that the ideal figure can be measured using the waist-hip ratio (WHR). This value is calculated by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference, and can be used to measure the overall appearance of a women’s figure regardless of size.

For example: 63 cm waist /90 cm hip = 0.7.

The waist-hip-ratio was first theorized in 1993 by psychologist Dr. Devendra Singh at the University of Austin Texas. According to theory of WHR, the perfect ratio for a women’s figure is 0.7.

Waist To Hip Ratio of 0.6Wasit To Hip Ratio Of 0.7Waist To Hip Ratio of 0.8

The images above show three different WHR’s, from left to right: 0.6, 0.7, and 0.8.

This magic number has raised some criticism as studies show that non-western cultures prefer a WHR of 0.9. These variations can be related to the divergent preferences based on ethnicity as well as to the ideals that being over weight comes with wealth.

Despite the few social groups which have been shown to prefer a slightly different WHR ratio, most studies have clearly found that a WHR of 0.7 is the most popular.

These studies into what makes women sexy have played a vital role in providing surgeons with information on how to reconstruct or enhance ones appearance.

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