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Which Alcoholic Drink is the Healthiest

Which Alcoholic Drink is the Healthiest

Which alcoholic drinks are best when counting calories…

Generally speaking alcohol and diets don’t mix. That said, it is possible to drink occasionally whilst losing weight, but it pays to know which drinks are the healthiest, that is, which contains the least amount of calories.

It’s important to remember that calories are not the only thing to affect ones diet. Beer is chock-full of carbs, whereas wine and liquor are typically low in carbs. However in this article we’re only focusing on counting calories.

A general rule of thumb is that a serving of wine or liquor has fewer calories than a serving of beer, which has fewer calories than a standard mixed drink.

which alcohol is healthiest Which Alcoholic Drink is the Healthiest

Which Alcohol Has The Least Calories

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Straight liquor, like wine, is low in calories – approx. 100 calories – but when you start adding mixers this amount can increase dramatically. WedMD lists a standard 6-ounce pina colada at 380 calories and an 8-ounce mojito at 214 calories – this is more than most wines, beers and straight liquors.

If you enjoy adding mixers for a long drink, try using diet sodas or tonic, or even sparkling water with a dash of lemon, lime, orange etc. Fruit juices are also low in calories, but are high in sugar.

When it comes to beers, light beer is healthier than larger, which is in turn, healthier than real ale. Basically, more flavor equals higher calories. But calories aside, homebrews and some commercially available Belgian beer or hefeweizens are packed with antioxidants and natural vitamins, which make them as healthy as wine.

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