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Weight Loss Improves Sex for Men

Weight Loss Improves Sex for Men

Losing any amount of weight can help improve sexual desire and bladder function in men with diabetes…

According to a new research, losing just a small amount of weight can greatly improve the sex drive, and reduce risk of bladder problems in men with diabetes.

Men with diabetes have a higher risk of developing sexual and bladder issues due to the nerve damage and reduced blood flow disease. Nearly 75 percent of men suffering from diabetes experience some degree of erectile dysfunction, many cases of which go undiagnosed.

Although ED occurs in many men as they age, those with diabetes typically develop problems 10 – 15 years earlier than other men.

The new study, conducted at the University of Adelaide, shows that losing just 5 percent of body weight can lead to improvements with blood flow and bladder function in obese men with Type 2 diabetes.

The researchers studied 31 obese men with Type 2 diabetes over eight weeks. 19 men were put on a low calorie diet of 900 calories a day, the other 12 were prescribed a low-fat, high-protein, reduced-carbohydrate diet contain just under 2000 calories.

After two months, the men on the low-calorie diet lost the most weight with each participant losing around 10% of their weight, compared to just 5 percent in those consuming the high-protein diet.

Interestingly, men in both groups showed roughly the same amount of improvement in sexual and bladder function, regardless of the percentage of weight loss.

weight loss improves sex for men 550x412 Weight Loss Improves Sex for Men

Weight-Loss Improves Sex For Men

Image Credit: Daniel Oines, 2011.

Researchers continued to follow the men for 12 months, noting that the improvements maintained during that time.

Dr. Gary Wittert, lead author of the study and head of the Discipline of Medicine department at the University of Adelaide, said in an e-mail;

“Although there were a small number of men in the study, the beneficial changes were so consistent and of such a magnitude that they are likely to be applicable more broadly to similar men..

“Moderate weight loss is generally beneficial for diabetes and for cardiovascular risk. It is just not clear what particular magnitude of benefit may accrue for sexual and lower urinary tract symptoms, although my clinical experience suggests a lot.” [NY Times]

In men, losing weight can reduce inflammation, raise testosterone levels and increase blood flow, which in turn can lead to increased desire, better erections and fewer urinary problems.

The findings are the latest to show that significant health benefits can be gained from losing even a small amount of weight.


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