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Victorian Prosthetic Arm

Victorian Prosthetic Arm

European artificial arm dates back to Victorian times…

victorian prosthetic arm 300x451 Victorian Prosthetic Arm

19th Century Prosthetic Arm

If you thought prosthetic limbs were a relatively new invention, you’d be wrong. This beautiful yet equally scary looking artificial limb was built sometime between 1850 and 1910, and it even has moving joints – of sorts.

Constructed from brass and steel, and (assumingly) weighing a hefty load, this Victorian prosthetic arm attached to the shoulder using leather strap, the elbow joint could move or be held in place with a spring, the fingers also clenched up and straightened out.

While this antique prosthetic arm no-doubt possessed somewhat less dexterity than today’s bionic limbs, it’s certainly an amazing piece of medical art that would have at least given the patient a more natural appearance.

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