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Vasectomy Reversal Micro Surgery for Mens Health

Vasectomy Reversal Micro Surgery for Mens Health

Information about vasectomy reversal micro surgery for mens health by experienced urologic surgeons

Back on to a serious topic and focusing more on mens health – lets talk about the a procedure that can be a dreadful topic for some men to even think about and who shudder at the mere mention of the word Vasectomy. However, for those who have already had the procedure the deed has been done and there is no going back, or is there? Vasectomy Reversal Success, Minnesota Mens Health Center’s National Vasectomy Reversal Center that specializes in microsurgical vasectomy reversal, says it is possible!

We offer a Vasectomy Reversal Refund Program which provides a monetary refund if there is not more than one million sperm in the ejaculate within the first year after the procedure.

vasectomy reversal father Vasectomy Reversal Micro Surgery for Mens Health

Vasectomy Reversal

reverse vasectomy fatherhood.thumbnail Vasectomy Reversal Micro Surgery for Mens HealthIn a micro-surgery procedure known as vasovasostomy, reversal of a vasectomy is possible and impregnating can be accomplished once again. However, the rate of pregnancy depends on such factors as the method used for the vasectomy and the length of time that has passed since the vasectomy was performed. For some though, a chance at fatherhood is priceless and worth a consideration to explore all possible options.

A vasectomy reversal is a microsurgical procedure performed by a urologic surgeon to reverse sterility caused by a vasectomy. VR is performed by microsurgically reconnecting – in either single or multiple layers – the cut ends of the vas deferens, the small tubes that carry sperm from the man’s testicles. The fine sutures used are no thicker than a human hair. The rejoined vas can again become a passageway for semen to be ejaculated at orgasm. Surgical success is indicated if sperm is detected in the fluid inside the vas after initial incision. At times when a blockage (causing increased pressure in the epididymis) is suspected, the blockage must be bypassed in an alternate reversal procedure known as a “vasoepididymostomy.”

An effective vasectomy reversal simply allows sperm to rejoin the seminal stream during ejaculation and should not affect your sexual drive, your ability to have an erection and orgasm or your ability to have and enjoy sex. Sperm is only a small fraction of the total liquid in your semen. The amount of fluid, intensity – even color and texture – does not appear to change once your seminal fluid again contains sperm.

Postoperative scars are generally nothing to worry about. The scrotum generally heals very well. Although the incision site may be larger than for a vasectomy, it is still fairly small and may be difficult to detect on an unshaven scrotum. A vasectomy reversal, like a vasectomy itself, does not affect or inhibit you physically in any way. The best way to avoid postoperative anxiety or sexual problems is to talk openly with your doctor about your concerns, and what you can expect, following your reversal surgery.

viagra anatomy Vasectomy Reversal Micro Surgery for Mens Health

Reverse Vesectomy

sperm vasectomy reversal.thumbnail Vasectomy Reversal Micro Surgery for Mens HealthThe most common type of a reverse vesectomy, the vasovasostomy, has statistically greater chance of success than does the more complex reversal procedure known as a vasoepididymostomy. The chances of successfully impregnating your partner are very dependent on time, and the quality of your sperm. Reverse vesectomy has the greater chance of success if the vasectomy was performed more recently. As time passes, the statistical likelihood of a pregnancy following a vasectomy reversal declines. The most significant decline occurs at 15 years or more where pregnancy rates are typically about 30%. The more recent the vasectomy, the greater likelihood of success.

Also, over time, the body’s natural response to accumulated (not ejaculated) sperm in the testicles may result in damage to the shape, number and motility of sperm. The potency (number and quality of sperm released in seminal fluid) are just as important as the patency of the connection.

Vasectomy Reversal Doctor

vesctomy surgery reversed.thumbnail Vasectomy Reversal Micro Surgery for Mens HealthWhen performed by a qualified urologic micro-surgeon – such as Dr. Schow of MMHC Vasectomy Reversal Center – who is an experienced vasectomy reversal doctor, allowing for a higher chance of a successful outcome. About 40 percent to 75% percent of all men can expect to father a child again, but not immediately. The success rate is significantly higher in couples who have had children together already. Sterility is not instantly reversed after surgery, nor is fertility instantly restored. It often can take several months, and in some cases over a year before the vasectomy reversal can be counted a success.

Microsurgical vasectomy reversal is more time-intensive and complex than a initial vasectomy. The vasovasostomy procedure may take several hours for the surgeon to perform, and even longer to perform a vasoepididymostomy. Both reversal procedures usually involve general or regional anesthesia, which typically adds time to the recovery period.

Most of the routine recovery takes about four weeks. This begins when you are taken to a recovery area until you are fully awake and your doctor determines that it is safe for you to travel. Remember: You will need someone to drive you home. Follow all your doctor’s instructions.

You can expect to remain on bed rest for at least the first 24 hours following reversal surgery. Your doctor may advise you to use an ice pack on the scrotal area for one to two days and keep all activities to a minimum for at least four to five days. You may be advised to avoid heavy lifting or physical exertion for three to four weeks.

You should not attempt ejaculation for up to 30 days. Schedule an appointment with your doctor within that time period. Your doctor may request that you provide semen specimens periodically until your seminal fluid contains a normal sperm count. Do not ejaculate for two to three days prior to each semen analysis following surgery.

You will want to discuss these topics with Dr. Schow for specifics on your vasectomy reversal case as the information is for general guidelines and information purposes only.

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