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Valkee Ear buds Could Help Alleviate Jetlag

Valkee Ear buds Could Help Alleviate Jetlag

Valkee light emitting ear buds could help reduce the effects of jetlag…

When we first covered the Valkee light emitting ear buds, they seemed nothing more than a gimmick. In the moths following however, the device has been receiving more positive press claiming other unexpected health benefits.

Originally developed by Valkee to combat seasonal affective disorder, the company also claims the device can help improve reaction times. The light emitting ear buds are now being tested as a device to help combat jet long on long-haul flights.

Valkee has now teamed up with Fin Air to offer passengers in business class on flight from Helsinki to Shang Hai the chance to become human guinea pigs in order to test the theory.

valkee ear buds alleviate jet lag

Can The Valkee Ear Buds Alleviate Jetlag?

Volunteers will need to wear the headset for just one hour during the flight then report on their results by filling out a questionnaire at the other end.

The Valkee ear buds are already approved as a medical device in Europe, and retail for $240. However it’s still awaiting FDA approval in the States and many experts remain skeptical.

Sleep researcher Gary Trock, co-director of Sleep Evaluation Services at Beaumont Hospital in Michigan said, “Until I see more data, I won’t be sticking this in my ear.” [MSNBC]

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